Mar. 22, 2018
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2015 New Hope Automobile Show

The 2015 New Hope Automobile Show is being held on August 8th and 9th . The auto show is held at the New Hope-Solebury High School on Bridge Street (Route 179) in New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope is located on the Delaware River in Bucks County. It's about one hour north of Philadelphia and about 35 minutes west of Princeton. New Hope is a wonderful riverside town sharing the scenic Delaware River with Lambertville on the New Jersey side. Both villages have terrific galleries, antique shops, inns, restaurants, taverns, and charming bed and breakfasts.

The public gates open at 9am each day. The show runs through 4pm. The Parade of Champions begins at approximately 2:30.

Because the show is conducted on school grounds, consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products in any form are strictly prohibited at all times. State and local regulations prohibit any exceptions to this policy.

No pets are allowed on the show grounds unless they are Leader, or Seeing Eye, dogs or other animals used for assistance by handicapped persons.

Each day’s schedule is unique.


Saturday August 8, 2015

Senior Cars: All National prize winners to 1990

Cars of the Twenties: All domestic makes and models 1920-29

Cars of the Thirties: All domestic makes and models 1930-39

Cars of the Forties: All domestic makes and models 1940-49

Cars of the Fifties: All domestic makes & models 1950-59

Cars of the Sixties: All domestic makes and models 1960-69

Cars of the Seventies: All domestic makes and models 1970-79

Cars of the Eighties:All domestic makes and models 1980-89

Antique Trucks: All trucks to 1990 - Original or restored

Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg/Pierce-Arrow/Packard: All years and models (authentic only)

Avanti: All years

Corvette: All to 1990

Datsun/Nissan: Z cars only, no modifications; 1971 - 1990

Fire Engines: All to 1985

High Performance Production: All American made makes & models thru 1990: stock or restored only

Lincoln Continental: Lincoln, Continental, Zephyr: 1921-1990

Military Vehicles: All years to 1990

Model "A" Fords: All years

Model "T" Fords: All years

Mustang: All to 1990; stock or restored only

Nash: All years

Professional Specialty Cars: Cars modified for use as Coaches, Rescue Vehicles & Ambulances to 1990

Racing Cars-Domestic: Vintage and Contemporary, authentic cars thru 2000 (road race only)

Shelby: Original and Continuation Cobras, Series 1, Shelby Ford Mustangs all years

Studebaker: All models, including Lark - all years

Thunderbird: 1955 - 1966

Vintage Antique: All makes pre 1900 - 1919

Volkswagon: Karmann Ghia, Beetle, Bus, Thing - no modifications permitted; All to 1990

Woodies: All makes & models (no simulated wood )

Sunday August 9, 2015

Senior Cars: All National prize winners to 1990

Alfa Romeo: All years

Antique Motorcycles: All to 1990

Austin Healey: All years

BMW: All models thru 1990

Classic: Autos recognized by the Classic Car Club of America. See for listing

Corvair: All years

DeLorean: All years

Foreign Exotic: Aston Martin/Lamborghini/Ferrari/Maserati/DeTomaso/Pantera/FordGT/GT40, all years

French Connection: Citroen/Facel Vega/Peugeot/Renault; all years to 1990

Jaguar: All models thru 1990

Lotus: All years

Mercedes Benz: All models thru 1990

MG: All models and years

Morgan: All years

Porsche: All Models thru 2000 (no Cayenne SUV)

Historically Preserved Original: All Domestic and European makes & models thru 1990

Production Chrysler/Plymouth: All makes & models thru 1990 - Imperials to 1965

Production Ford/Lincoln/Mercury: All makes and models thru 1990

Production General Motors: All makes & models thru 1990

Racing Cars-Foreign: Vintage and Contemporary, authentic cars thru 2000 (road race only)

Rolls-Royce/Bentley: All models & years

Specialty Class Cars: Fiat/Lancia/Bugatti/NSX - All years

Triumph: All years

TVR: All years

Vintage Chevrolet: All models 1912 - 1960

Viper: All years

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